Our Concept

Afterimage is a phenomenon that an image continues to appear in vision after the exposure to the original image has ceased. This is  the effect on which Cinema is based since the human eye is unable to discern the quick alternation of the images on the film.

Afterimage Wedding Films aims to achieve something similar in a metaphoric way. We have the ambition to keep the beautiful Images of your Wedding graved in your memory eternally.

In Afterimage Wedding Films we love to create and capture moments that tell a story while leaving people emotional engaged and captivated throughout our films.  

About The People

We inspire and bring out the best in one another.
We work creatively as a team.


Founder and Filmmaker. Working as freelance Photographer for major publications for over a decade, Filmmaking was a physical continuity.


Is a very young Filmmaker and Photographer. For the young of his age he has shoot about a hundred Weddings and tens of Videos for major campaigns.   


The editor.  Graduad of Computer Programming and a great Film lover, after his Μ.Α. he dreams to became a Wildlife Filmmaker.

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